Baby Fun NewBorn Brother

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    • Hurray!

      No more waiting, the little angel has come! Welcome Baby Boy!

      Our darling Lisi is overjoyed about newly arrived member in her family and that is her little brother. Her excitement goes forth as she imagines how adorable her brother can be. Those little hands and feet mean endless happiness for her. What a wonderful felling! In other words she is on the seventh sky! Our cutie girl is very impatient! She can’t wait for her baby bother to reach home…
      …Now the Baby Boy finally arrived home. From now on, things will be very different… As an elder sister she should be an example to her little brother. She shares new emotions along with the responsibilities. She keeps nourishing her little brother with love and graceful values. But she also tries to please him by playing with him, offering him toys, entertain him while her mother relaxes a little bit.
      Wow! Having little one at home brings contentment. New baby brother became center of the universe for our sweetie Lisi. Don’t wait, hurry up, play this game immediately! See how excited Lisi is and how she will take care of her little brother. Have endless fun! Enjoy!
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    • Use mouse to interact with our sweetie Lisi. Enjoy!
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