Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance

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    • Baby Hazel has one dream and that is to become a famous Ballerina. Mom has crawled hers precious daughter Baby Hazel on Ballerina Dance class. Today Baby Hazel is going to her first ballet class in the Ballet Dance School and she is a little bit nervous. Baby Hazel needs to get ready for her dance class. We will start with a relaxing bubbly bathing. Mom prepared a surprise for her darling Hazel, she both a lot of ballerina doll. Give nice bath to this beautiful baby in the tub full with ballerina dolls. When you finish with bathing, help Baby Hazel to get ready for her first ballerina dance class. Dress up Baby Hazel in beautiful ballerina outfit, add shiny accessories. Since Baby Hazel is a nervous your job it will be to uplift her confidence and convince her to stay on the class. Have lots and lots fun playing Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance game.
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    • Use the mouse to play this game. Enjoy!
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