Baby Hazel Cleaning Time

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    • Hurray, Easter is coming!!! Hazel Mother decided to clean all house for upcoming holidays. Our princess want to help her mom. Our sweet Baby Hazel loves her mom and don’t want her mom to fell tired and also they will spend quality time together. She understand importance of cleanliness for healthy life. That’s why our smart girl decided to assist her mom in cleaning the house. Hazel is very young to clean the house alone that’s why she will clean along with her mom but I think you should join them too. Spend fun cleaning time with our beautiful Baby Hazel. We will start with our chores in the kitchen. Assist Baby Hazel and her mom to wash and clean the dishes, clean the table and mop the floor, when all of this is done we are moving in the bedroom. Baby Hazel want to surprise her mom, she clean her room all by herself. Be with our little Baby Hazel fulfill her needs on time because she is trying too hard and she want her mom to be proud with her. After she finish chores in bedroom it’s time to rest a little bit in the living room. But our naughty girl must collect all her toys and to put everything on its place. When they finish with indoor cleaning it’s time for outdoor cleaning. Help our princess to wash her toys while her mom is dries her cloths. Have fun cleaning day with our little Baby Hazel!
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    • Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel. Enjoy!
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