Baby Hazel Earth Day

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    • Everyone must know how to maintain environment. Because is upcoming World Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, we must know everything how to protect our environment. As our Baby Hazel is too young we will give a hand to Baby Hazel in learning about this annual event. As she is too much inquisitive and want to take a part of this event, with our assistance today Baby Hazel will learn everything about Earth Day. On April 22 worldwide are held events to demonstrate environmental protection. World Earth Day is celebrated to promote green environment, also spread the awareness of participated of recycling, save energy, not littering around and many more. Baby Hazel is very smart child and she learns things very craftily. Her mother is teaching her about importance of saving electricity and natural resources, recycling. All the sudden, she got a call from her friend Akito and she will go to the nearby park. If you want to know what will happened there start to play this game. Join out little friends and learn how to safe environment.
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    • Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel. Enjoy!
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