Baby Hazel Fancy Dress

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    • Baby Hazel Fancy Dress is a fun baby game. Tomorrow in Baby Hazel school have an animal fancy dress competition. Baby Hazel also will take a part in this competition. She overjoyed about that. Theme of the competition is animal or bird costume. Hence, Baby Hazel decided to Dress up in a Fancy peacock Dress. But if she wants to disguise in a colourful peacock she must buy all necessary supplies. Accompany Mom and Baby Hazel in the shop to buy all necessary materials. When they finish with the shopping be with mom and Baby Hazel at their home. Mom decided to tailor the peacock dress at home. So assist mom to design Hazel’s dress. Hazel also will give a helping hand. When the peacock dress is ready, help Baby Hazel to dress up. Don’t forget to apply a make up how the costume will look more real and will give a real shade of peacock. If you want to know what will happen on the competition than play this amazing game, Have a lot of fun playing Baby Hazel Fancy Dress game,
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    • Use the mouse to interact with Baby Hazel. Enjoy!
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