Baby Hazel Goes Sick

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    • Baby Hazel sleeps too much. Oh, no maybe she is sick!!! Please help her!!!! Check her temperature, take her for medical checkup. If Baby Hazel have temperature she will need proper medicine. Also you will need to check her heart beats. For her cough give syrup or injection. She need to recover quickly. And please do not forget to keep her busy with her toys!!! Hurry otherwise she will get worse!!!!
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    • Use thermometer to check her temperature and take her for medical checkup. If baby have high temperature she will need to give her proper medicine or to give injection. Check her hat beats. What you have to do is to keep her busy and occupied with her favorite toys so you can complete the required tasks which are checking her temperature, giving her medicines for the fever and syrup for her throat. Many requests Baby Hazel has so you better hurry up and don’t make her cry!
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