Baby Hazel Granny House

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    • Baby Hazel Granny House is a new fun baby adventurous game. Its vacation time and where else is better to spend your holiday at than at the granny’s house. As always Baby Hazel everyday life is full with surprise. Along with her grandmother Baby Hazel is travelling by train to their village today. For the first time our sweet little Baby Hazel will visit her granny’s house. Do you want to go with them and spend some extraordinary time? You can also explore the nearby areas and the countryside life. Baby Hazel wants to enjoy every second of being there so you will need to help her… When they arrive at the granny’s house inform Hazel’s mom that they have reached home. Hazel is fond of her grandmother’s homemade food. Baby Hazel wants to explore the entire house and she is very fascinated the from granny’s antiques. Granny’s little pet Wiley will surprise Hazel when he will jump out from the box with antiques. Baby Hazel together with her grandmother will go to the market and she can’t wait to reach there. While they are shopping make sure Baby Hazel has a good behaviour. Baby Hazel wants to buy some presents for her BFF Mia. If you want to know what, than start to play this game. After shopping little Baby Hazel wants to help her grandpa in the garden. Help our darling Hazel to dig the carrots and to feed the little bunny. Also assist her to water the flowers and learn something new about flowers. After gardening her grandmother will make the most beautiful flower crown for our little princess. If you want to know exactly what happens I suggest you to play this wonderful game. Have a lot of fun playing Baby Hazel Granny House game. Use the mouse to play this game. Enjoy!
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    • Us mouse to play this game, Enjoy!
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