Baby Hazel Kite Flying

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    • Baby Hazel is keen to take a part in Kites festival together with her dad and friends. Baby Hazel doesn’t know how to fly kites but she is eager and curious to learn. Her Dad comes to teach her and helps her to get knack. But her kite gets stuck into the tree because of naughty Bunny. But dad to convincing our darling Hazel to make new kite for Kites festival. In next level our Baby Hazel is making new kite. Help her to make the most beautiful kite and to get ready for the festival. Latter Hazel join her friends in the nearby park, her friends are already there flying Kites and our darling Hazel join them. If you to know how high they will soar their Kites, start to play this game. The fun is guaranteed.
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    • Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel. Enjoy!
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