Baby Hazel Learns Manners

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    • Baby Hazel Learns Manners is fun baby game. All children are learning good manner from their home, parents are their first and best teachers. Its same with our darling Baby Hazel her mommy teach her to all norms regard with social life. Do you want to help Hazel to learn good manners? Its sunny day and Hazel mom woke up early to do some physical exercise but our sweet Baby Hazel is still sleeping. Help mom to teach her baby about healthy habits like physical activities. Then throughout breakfast teach her about kitchen manners. Mom want to prepare healthy breakfast for Hazel and through the preparation to teach her about substantial kitchen safety tips. And last but not less important social manners. Learn Baby Hazel how to behave with different group of people. Uncle Sam with his daughter Kayla are guest at Hazels home. Baby Hazel is a little bit jealous on her cousin Kayla. But that’s why Mom is here to teach her on good manners toward friends and also to share her belongings with others. In other words to teach Hazel to be more responsible. Have a lot of fun with Baby Hazel while she Learns Manners.
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    • Use mouse to play this game. Enjoy!
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