Baby Hazel Lighthouse Adventure

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    • Hurray New Adventures with Baby Hazel! Baby Hazel is on cruise ride in the azure water where she pass great and relaxed time with her friends. On the both they were listening music and dancing on the tunes from the orchestra. Our princess was swimming in the pool and take sun. But while they were cruising Baby Hazel sees beautiful lighthouse which fascinates her and draw her attention. That’s why she decided to sail toward lighthouse all alone. Although Lighthouse looks obsessed our curious Baby Hazel decided to investigate it. On the way she meet a lot of new and also old friends. Also she saw beautiful dolphin, and she played with him a little bit. Our little princess arrived at spooky Lighthouse. Do you want to what happened inside in the Lighthouse? You should play this game and join our cute baby on her adventure. Be with her all the time and ensure to get what she will ask for. Our baby needs you now more than ever because she is alone on unfamiliar place. You will have fun for sure but don’t be scared because all of this was only dream, when Baby Hazel realize that was dream she will laughs at it. Have endless fun with Baby Hazel Lighthouse Adventure!
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    • Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel. Enjoy!
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