Baby Hazel Mothers Day

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    • Our mothers spoil us every single day in the year. Also we can do something for our moms so they can fell special and loved. Our little friend Hazel thinks same, she want to prepare surprise for her mom on a Mother Day family celebration. While her mom is out on shopping Hazel along with Dad are busy organizing the celebration. Would you like to take a part in this Mother’s Day celebration? Help Baby Hazel to buy all necessary things for her surprise Mother’s Day party. She needs some decorations and also she want to buy some special gift for her mom. Next, Hazel want to prepare Mother’s Day cake. Hazel along with her Dad are in the kitchen but someone will come late if you want to see who and which kind of cake they will make you must start with playing. When the cake is ready Hazel and her Dad will want to decorate the room, use all lights, balloons, gifts and Mother’s Day cake but shhhh be careful do don’t wake up mom in the middle of decoration. Have a lot of fun with Baby Hazel on this celebration day and don’t forget to pamper your mom too.
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    • Use mouse to play this game. Enjoy!
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