Baby Hazel Naughty Cat

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    • Meow! Baby Hazel cat is becoming too disreputable this days. Not only mischievous but also she is sluggish. Maybe Hazel spoiled her, she is too gentle with her. As Hazel is at home she decided to spend all day with her naughty cat. But looking after Katy is more difficult than Baby Hazel expected. Can you help Baby Hazel to take care of her precious cat? You need to bath cat Katy but first you need to convince her to hop in the tub. When she will get clean up, dry, get her ready and play with her. Little cute cat is not only mischievous but also gets angry very soon. Keep on eye little Katy. Be with Hazel all the time. Thanks to you, maybe she we learn something new about caring for animals.
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    • Use mouse to interact with Hazel and Katy. Fulfill their needs to earn more points. Enjoy!
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