Baby Hazel Parrot Care

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    • Baby Hazel Parrot Care is a fun baby pet care game. As we all know Baby Hazel loves pet animals too much. Knowing that Hazel’s uncle John gifted her a pet bird Charlie. Sweet little parrot joined Baby Hazel home. One more member to Hazel pet’s family. Now Baby Hazel pet family is getting bigger and better. But someone is not pleasant about new pet member. Baby Hazel’s puppy pet Bruno doesn’t like Charlie. He thinks Baby Hazel is paying more attention to pet parrot Charlie and he is jealous. There is a quarrel between them. Charlie got hurt while frightening Bruno. Would you help Baby Hazel to give first aid to her new pet member Charlie? Parrot Charlie needs wound treatment as soon as possible. Be with Baby Hazel and give urgent first aid to Charlie. Next morning along with Baby Hazel visit Parrot Charlie and see if he is better. Build him confidence to fly again like he used to fly earlier. Than help sweet Baby Hazel to bring her pets in the terrace garden. Also Hazel’s mom will be there to make sure that Charlie is safe. As Baby Hazel is too young, help her to bath her pet Charlie so she can play with him again. Spend the unforgettable day with Hazel and Charlie. Have a lot of fun playing Baby Hazel Parrot Care game.
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    • Follow the game instruction and use your mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and her pet parrot Charlie. Enjoy!
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