Baby Hazel Pet Party

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    • Join us in new adventure with Baby Hazel called Baby Hazel Pet Party. Oh no, Baby Hazel’s pets are in bed mood. Maybe they are in poor mood because lately Baby Hazel has disregard them and also they are spending a lot of time at home. They are feel bored and upset even they are not in mood of listening Baby Hazel. She was thinking how to catch up that and she got an idea to throw an awesome Pet Party. Its weekend and the weather is so beautiful perfect for Pet Party in the backyard. Beautiful Pets deserve some relaxing and joyous time. Baby Hazel calls her friends to hold a backyard party for pets. Baby Hazel need your help to get Bunny, Katy and Budgie ready for the party and also to assist her to make this party memorable. Join Baby Hazel, Liam, Jake and their pets and be part of this amazing pet party. But that not all, there is more to come. Baby Hazel arranged some surprise. If you want to see what don’t wait get it started. Have a wonderful day with Baby Hazel and her beautiful pets.
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    • Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel. Enjoy!
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