Baby Hazel School Hygiene

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    • Baby Hazel School Hygiene is a fun baby game. Hygiene care is a crucial for a healthy living. Beside that is helps to develop your personality. Today, mom will explain to Baby Hazel basic hygiene manners. So she will clarify to Baby Hazel healthy habits to keep personal hygiene. Mom sow in the Hazel’s organization book that tomorrow is inspection day. Would you like to help mom and Hazel to get ready for tomorrow inspection day? Help Baby Hazel to prepare properly. First help her to trim her nails, to comb her hair and to polish her shoes. Give her a new clean uniform and don’t forget a school i-card. Let’s see if the teacher will be satisfied from Baby Hazel personal hygiene. Have a lot of fun playing Baby Hazel School Hygiene game.
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    • Use the mouse to play this game. Enjoy!
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