Baby Hazel Sibling Care

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    • Baby Hazel Sibling Care is a fun baby caring game for babies and children with safe content. It’s a really indispensable and invaluable the time that we are spending with our sibling. Our brainy little girl Baby Hazel today will spends a great time with her baby brother Matt. Since Mom is busy in the kitchen Baby Hazel needs to attend all the needs of her little brother. That’s why Baby Hazel needs your help. Would you like to help Baby Hazel to fulfil all the Matt needs? In the first level Baby Hazel spends a wonderful time playing with her lovable baby brother. Make sure Baby Hazel to take good care of Matt and be careful while he is playing to don’t hurt himself. It’s time for snacks! Mom prepared a wonderful healthy food for Baby Hazel and Matt. But Matt is not agreeable to eat this food. Be with Baby Hazel and help her to prepare strawberry pure and flavored milk for her sibling. While Baby Hazel and Matt were playing pure Matt was vomiting twice. I suppose his stomach is upset. Convince Matt to drink digestive syrup. In the last level help Baby Hazel in making Matt a sleep. Have a lot of fun playing Baby Hazel Sibling Care game.
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    • Use the mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and her little brother Matt. Enjoy!
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