Baby Lisi Learning Colors

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    • Baby Lisi Learning Colors is a fun educational game which is specially designed for very young children. We will introduce you to the whole spectrum of amazing colors of our colorful world. The whole Learning Colors process is interesting, fun and highly entertaining. We will amuse you by the bright colorful pictures that are making the whole educational process very entertaining. On very simple way we will teach you how to match the colors with objects. So, go ahead my precious partner, join our smart little Baby Lisi in the garden and match the colors with balloons which are flying highly in the garden. Yuppie! We are going on shopping! Baby Lisi adore going on shopping, being with her and assisting her to buy all colorful hats, clothes, shoes and sunglasses. Baby Lisi loves her pet fish and she has big aquarium. Today she decided to renew her aquarium and to buy a lot of new colorful pets fishes. Would you a good friend to assist Baby Lisi in shopping fish? We warmly recommend you this game because it has a lot of benefits and nothing to lose.
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    • Use the mouse to interact with Baby Lisi. Enjoy!
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