Baby Lisi Royal Bath

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    • Hello kidos! Please give a warm welcome to Lisi – the sweetest child with the most beautiful blue eyes starting one more adventure. Hurray !!!! Lisi will enjoy a luxurious Royal Bath treatment. As an elder sister Lisi tries to please her baby brother by taking care of him all day long. Mom is very satisfied that her precious little girl shows love and graceful values to her little brother. That is why, Mom decided to pamper her smart little girl by preparing a royal bath. Mom will give Lisi a lot of choices. First, Mom will prepare a tranquil atmosphere by making the bathroom with flowery aroma so Lisi can start her luxurious Royal Bath treatment. The Royal treatment starts with the soothing massage. Please be gentle while you are massaging Lisi and show her affection and care. After an energizing massage let Lisi to immerse her into a chocolate water that is followed by milk water. Spoil our sweet little girl Lisi and let her enjoy in a leisurely chocolate bathing going along with a milk bathing. Lisi will be blissful and the atmosphere will be complete if you add some rose petals and light a candles. Please feel free to enjoy along with Baby Lisi in her Royal Bath treatment. Then you can help Lisi to take a bath with her favourite liquid soap and shampoo. Finally, you should dress up Lisi with one of the wonderful princess’ dresses. Lisi will also need some help by choosing a dress so your fashion tips will help this beautiful little girl a lot. Add appropriate accessories and tiara. You will have lots and lots of fun playing Baby Lisi’s Royal Bath Game.
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    • Use the mouse to interact Baby Lisi. Enjoy!
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