Baby Lisi Wedding Cake

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    • Hello friends! Lisi is back and this time with new adventure Baby Lisi Wedding Cake. Yuppie! Our sweet Baby Lisi is organizing wedding themed party. This party will be akin to performance wedding celebration. She is overjoyed it’s hers first party and all her friends and cousins will be there that’s why she wants everything to be in perfect order. Because our sweet darling Lisi is special and she doesn't want this party to be another cookie-cutter wedding. She wants to provide a leisure and elegant atmosphere. This is special day for Lisi and she wants to be extra special. But our cute baby doesn't have enough time that’s why she needs your help. Would you be a good friend and help her out to host her first party? The most significant confection for this party is the Wedding Cake. Besides good taste this Wedding Cake it should have special design which will suit for Lisi’s style. So which style suits to our cute baby- classic or more ornate styles, simple or unusual, traditional or over the top, romantic or trendy? That my dear friend up to you to chose the best cake for this wonderful party and make our sweet baby Lisi happy. I will discover one secret..... Lisi loves fresh flowers, ribbons and butterflies and that i think would give to cake perfect finish. It’s time for makeover. Start with manicure, give Lisi trendy design which will suite with her wedding ring. Make up this cute baby and make her look even prettier. Choose the best dress and accessorize with shiny earrings and necklace, mix-match with bracelet and shoes. When Lisi is ready decorate the wedding hall. Fresh flowers will make an elegant statement to the party. But I know that you have a trendy decor ideas and you will make this party to be unforgettable. Have a lot of fun with our Baby Lisi!
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    • Use mouse to interact with Baby Lisi. Enjoy!
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