Baby Outdoor Bathing

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    • Outdoor Bathing is one of the most popular game between little kids. It is entertain type of game. It is shiny summer day. Our little baby needs bath. Indoor bathing it is fun, but Outdoor Bathing that’s endless fun!!! It is time for new remarkable outdoor bathing adventure. Keep this baby pleasant all the time, give him and play with his favorite toys. Amuse him until the bath is ready. Then it is coming fun part, but I will not tell you what you must play this to see for I am talking about. Splash together with this sweet baby!!! Enjoy!
  • Instructions
    • Follow the arrows and click the tap to fill the bath. Insert the baby in to the bath. Click the brush to give the bath tub a different color and the crayon to color the rug. Click on decorations around the bathroom to change it. Mouse is only control that you will use playing this game. Enjoy!!!
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