Baby Pony Salon

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    • Baby Pony Salon is an amazing and fun baby pet game. The owner of the pet salon went on vacation so immediately we need someone to work at the pet salon and take care of our adorable pets. If you love pets this game is perfect for you. The baby pony is coming to a pony salon. This is first time for our sweet baby pony to visit a salon. Give nice treatment to this gorgeous baby pony, she will be very happy to have the bath, to brush her teeth, to have a nice relaxing massage. So make her wishes to become true, that will be very funny. Then, move to the next session dress up. Choose nice outfit from variety collection, mix-match the cloths and find the perfect combination. You can also choose one shiny necklace and shoes. I believe in you and I know that you will give a careful treatment and care the baby pony will have a happy day with you. Have a lot of fun with this cute baby pony.
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    • Use mouse to play this game. Enjoy!
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