Baby Princess Royal Bath

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    • Hello my friend! Baby princess in still in the bad sleeping. What’s wrong, she never sleeps this late? She looks scared maybe she has a nightmare. Poor cute baby princess. Wake up her gently, and calm her down. Indulge her with kisses and hugs. Our darling baby deserves royal treatment so today we must get back the smile on her face again. Entertain her and play with her toys. When she’s feeling better, prepare her warm milk and feed her. Once our darling eats nice, prepare her royal bath. Add some rose petals in the bubble tub and make the bathroom with flowery aroma. Clean this beautiful baby princess nicely, use her favorite shampoo and soap. Enjoy the bath time with this darling. After a nice relaxing bath dress up this cute little baby in beautiful royal dress. Also accessorize her with her favorite accessories. Have a lot of fun with Baby Princess.
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    • Use mouse to interact with Baby Princess. Enjoy!
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