Baby Sponge Bob Diaper Change

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    • Baby Sponge Bob Diaper Change is a fun baby caring game foe little children. Hello kidos! Meet Baby Sponge Bob. He needs your help. Would you like to take care of this sweet little Baby Sponge Bob? You have to keep few things on your mind if you want to take care for Baby Sponge Bob. Imagines that you are the parent and this is your first baby so today we will practice how to take care of newborn baby. First thing that we need to know about babies is to know how to calm baby. Sponge Bob loves his teddy bear, so it’s easy just give him his teddy beer and he will be satisfied and happy. If Sponge Bib starts to mourn, that is maybe because it’s time for changing diaper. Take out his dirty diaper, wipe him with a damp cloth, apply baby powder and put new clean diaper. Fulfill and baby’s needs on time and keep him entertained.
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    • Use the mouse to play this game. Enjoy!
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