Dora Baby Caring

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    • Hello little fellas! New adventure Dora Baby Caring is waiting for you. Dora parents are at work so she needs you to make her company. Would you make our cute Baby Dora happy? Our sweet Baby Dora deserves nice morning treatment. Help Dora to wash her teeth and face. Enjoy the wash time with this darling baby. After you finish with morning treatment bring sweet baby Dora in the nearest park. She is in the playful mood as always. Dora loves to play all day long and make new friendships. Indulge our darling Dora and make all her wishes to become true. But be careful fulfill her wishes on time otherwise she will cry and believe me you don't want that. Have a lot of fun with our Baby Dora.
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    • Use mouse to interact with Baby Dora. Enjoy!
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