Dora Care Baby Zebra

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    • Dora Care Baby Zebra is a fun pet caring game. Our sweet little girl Dora is fond of animals. Now her pet family is bigger for a one member. Dora has a little cute Baby Zebra. Zebra is animal from horse family. Zebras differ from horses because of their white and black stripes. Would you like to join Dora in her new adventure to take care of baby Zebra? Help Dora to bath this sweet Baby Zebra. Follow the instructions and perform the proffered steps. Clean his room. Put in the proper dustbin all trash. Play with Baby Zebra and take a photo of this beautiful animal. Don’t forget to feed Baby Zebra. This sweet little animal is so demanding, fulfil all his needs and keep Baby Zebra happy.
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    • Use the mouse to play this game. Enjoy!
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