Elsa Bed Time

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    • Elsa Bed Time is a fun baby caring game with safe content. Mom Queen Iund plans to travel out of kingdom. So now she is looking for careful babysitter for our beautiful little princess Elsa. Do you want to test your babysitting skills? It’s Time Disney Snow Queen Elsa to go to Bed. Prepare Elsa’s Bed for sleep. Putt all pillows and blankets in the right place. But don’t forget the toys, latter you will need to entertain Disney Princess Elsa. When Elsa is in her Bed read her a good night story because she can’t sleep without story. Try this wonderful babysitting game and see if you can fulfill all Elsa’s needs. Have a lot of fun playing Elsa Bed Time game.
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    • Use the mouse to interact with Princess Elsa. Enjoy!
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