Jenny And Bubbly Happy Time

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    • Jenny and Bubbly Happy Time is a fun baby game. Today is our happy day. It’s Jenny birthday! Her father knows that Jenny is fond of animals and he buy her a rabbit. You can imagine how happy Jenny was. She named her pet rabbit Bubbly. All day long Jenny is spending together with Bubbly. The reason for that is that Bubbly is so cute and is very fun to play with. But beside Jenny’s unconditional love Bubbly needs to be wash. Help Jenny to give a nice bubbly bath her little pet Bubbly, dry him with towel and comb its soft fur. Also don’t forget to help our little Jenny to feed Bubbly. Have a lot of fun playing Jenny and Bubbly Happy Time game.
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    • Use the mouse to play this game. Enjoy!
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