Mermaid Lola Baby Care

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    • Under the see there is a new wonderful and magical world filled with Mermaid and Fishes. Deep in the ocean lives our little Baby Mermaid Lola and her friends Ozzy Octopus, Momo Fish, Sisi Sea Horse and Cary the Crab. Every day they have a new adventure. Do you want to join them? I know that you can’t resist so enjoy. Lola friends come to play with her but she is still sleeping and she is not in a good mood. Wake up her gently fulfill her with kisses and love and keep happy our under the see friend. Brush her teeth, give her bubble bath, brush her hair and dress up her. Pamper our sweet Baby Mermaid. Have a fun!
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    • Use mouse to interact with Baby Mermaid Lola. Enjoy!
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