My Little Angel

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    • We are looking a careful babysitter for our Little Angel. Are you the right person? If you want to test your babysitting skills now it’s the right time. Mom of our Little Angel is so busy and she need someone to take care of her baby. Our cute Angel is that good, that you will enjoy with all your assignment and you will finished with pleasure. Frist of all, play with our baby give her all her favorite toys. Than is time for bath, bring our angel to the bathroom switch the water tab, use shampoo and clean her nicely. In the meantime fulfill her need give her what she will ask for. Now it is time for cooking! Cook all favorite meals to our Little Angel and give her to eat so she will have energy to play again. And at the end your task is to change the outfit. Dress up her in nice elegant dress and put her modern accessories so you will complete her look. Make this Little Angel happy!
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    • Use mouse to interact with Little Angel. Enjoy!
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