Playful Squirrel Day Care

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    • Hello my friends! Today I will present you Playful Squirrel Day Care game. Look, how beautiful squirrel! But she is all dirty. Do you want to help this cute squirrel to look nice and clean ageing? As always she was in playful mood and she spent all day with her friends outdoor in the forest. That’s why now she is dirty. If her parents see her like that they won’t be very happy. Hurry up and help our sweet squirrel to look clean and beautiful again. Clean the mud off her and then give her a nice bubble bath. Then collect nuts because it is hers favorite food. Feed this little squirrel with yummy nuts. And don’t forget to gather nuts for the winter ahead. Put the nuts in the basket, but only nuts avoid other items. For sure you will spend unforgettable day with our cute little squirrel.
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    • Use mouse to play this game. Enjoy!
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