Smurfs Baby Bathing

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    • Smurfs Baby Bathing is entertaining type of game for little kids, with safe content. The purpose of this game is to check your babysitting skills. Act as professional and do all assignments carefully. First of all you need to enjoy and to have a fun while you are playing. That is mandatory! Than you need to make this little smurf happy, by playing with him and fulfilling all his needs. This cute smurf have a lot of requests and wishes so don’t lose time make his wishes to become true. Hurry up and start to play. Little smurf is dirty and he must to in bath. Give this smurf nice and hot bath and clean him finely. He loves to bath and splash all around. Remove the water from him with one of this colorful cloth. Put from his favorite perfume so he will smell nicely. On the end dress up this cute little smurf. It sound interesting a? Have enjoying time with our little smurf!
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    • Use mouse to interact with baby smurfs. Have a fun!
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