Snow White Dental Care

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    • Snow White Dental Care is a magnificent tooth care game for children. She has got her name Snow White not only because of her skin tan but also because of the white teeth. Snow White was taking good care about her oral hygiene, three times per day she brush her teeth. But beautiful Snow White is a little bit afraid from dental doctor that’s why she doesn’t make a regular dental check up. Seven dwarts hired the best dentist to give a nice dental treatment to our beautiful Snow White. Can you imagine for I am talking about? Yes, for you my dear friend. You must cure the cavities and bed teeth. So Show White can turn back the white beautiful smile on her face. When you finish with a dental treatment give Snow White nice makeover treatment. Choose elegant dress and add shiny accessories. Make up Snow White and chose new hairstyle for her.
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    • Use the mouse to play this game. Enjoy!
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